CSA Membership Terms & Conditions

1.  The council may admit a fit and proper person interested in the objects and purposes of the Society as a Member of the society.
Provided that an outside organisation may also be admitted as a member according to the rules framed below.
2.  The council may refuse to admit any person or organisation as a member of the society without assigning any reason.
3.  Application for membership shall be made in the form prescribed by the council.
4.  An Application for membership shall contain the following particulars of the applicant, namely :-
  • a)  Name in full,
  • b)  Residential Address,
  • c)  Description and qualifications,
  • d)  Occupation,
  • e)  Place of employment, and
  • f)  Any other particulars in respect of applicant.
5.  An application for membership shall be signed by the applicant himself.
6.  The applicant shall be proposed and seconded by two Directors who shall have signed as such the application for membership of the applicant before its submission to the Secretary.
7.  The applicant shall be placed before the next meeting of the council.
8.  The council shall consider objections, if any, to the application before allowing or refusing the same.
9.  The applicant for membership shall be deemed to be a member of the association from the date the Council approves his admission.
10.  The decision of the Council allowing or refusing an application for membership of the society shall be communicated by the Secretary to the applicant within seven days from the date of such decision.
11.  A member shall ,on admission pay an Annual Subscription fee for the current year as fixed by the Council within one month from the date of admission to the membership.
He shall also pay the said annual Subscription in advance within the first quarter of every year in respect of which the said annual Subscription shall become due. On default in any of the payments as aforesaid for one year or for two years(at the discrition of the Council) his membership shall stand annulled / suspended according to the decision of the Council.
12.  A member shall also be liable to pay such other fees and charges as May by Regulations be prescribed ,or fixed by the council.
13.  A member may after completion of 5 years membership compound for a future payment of annual subscription by payment of a consolidated life membership fee to be fixed from time to time by the council and shall thereupon be a member for his life. Such a member will be allowed a rebate of 50% of the total amount paid by him earlier as annual subscription fees provided that the rebate shall not exceed 50% of the current life membership fee and provided that he has already cleared all his membership dues at the time of compounding for life membership.
14.  The signatories to the memorandum of Association, having complied with the provisions herein contained, are here by declared to be members for their respective lives.
15.  The council shall maintain a roll of Members which shall contain the names , addresses and description and such other particulars of the members as the council may direct.
16.  Every application for membership shall , on admission of the applicant as a member, be incorporated in the roll of members.
17.  All notices, intimations and documents shall be sent to the residential address of each member unless otherwise directed by him in writing in this behalf.
Such directions ,if any, shall be recorded on the Roll of Members.
18.  All notices, intimations and documents sent to any Member at such address last recorded on the Roll of Members shall be sufficient discharge for the society.
19.  It shall be sufficient to send notice of any meeting to a Member by post so as to reach him in the ordinary course before the prescribed period of such notice.
20.  No Member shall be entitled to participate in any meeting unless he has paid up all his subscription.
21.  No person other than one whose name is duly entered upon the Roll of Members, shall be qualified to vote or to be elected at an election of the Directors, or to vote an election of the Auditor.
22.  A Member may, by a letter addressed to the Council , resign his membership.
23.  Any member other than a Member for life may be expelled from the society by a special resolution in general meeting.
24.  Nothing in these Regulations shall be construed as a bar to the admission of an associate or an employee of the Society as a Member , and vice versa.
25.   Subject to the approval of the society, the Council may make Regulations in respect of all or any of the matters provided herein.
26.  CSA Life membership fees from 2015:
Rs. 3000 for Indian, US $ 200 for neighboring countries and US $ 400 for other overseas applicant. Yearly individual membership fees from 2015:
Rs 400 for Indian, US $ 30 for neighboring countries and US $ 40 for other overseas applicant.
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