CSA Bulletin Author's Instruction Set

   Instruction To Authors 
Papers published in the Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin present the results of significant original research not previously published. Articles submitted to the Journal should meet this criterion and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors are advised to examine current issues of the Bulletin to familiarize themselves with conventions and style for preparing the manuscript for submission.

Authors have to submit manuscripts in electronic form. A pdf file should be sent to the Coordinating Editor (csabulletin@gmail.com). In case the paper is accepted for publication, .tex file and .eps files (if the paper includes figures) should be sent to the Coordinating Editor.

For manuscripts submitted in non electronic form, the authors should sent three copies of the manuscript (typed with double spacing and wide margins) to

The Coordinating Editor,
Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin
C/o Department of Statistics, Calcutta University
35 Ballygunge Circular Road Kolkata 700019, India

1. General
Authors are strongly encouraged to prepare and submit their manuscripts electronically, using the LATEX package.
Authors are also encouraged to submit Encapsulated PostScript (“.eps”) files for figures in both electronic and nonelectronic papers. Authors should ensure that laser-printed originals of these figures are of high quality and suitable for scanning.

2. Style
Paper must be written in English. Authors who are unfamiliar with English should obtain help from colleagues proficient in that language. While a polished literary style is not demanded of scientific papers, they should conform to the elementary rules of grammar, syntax, punctuation, and clarity.
Observance of the following guidelines will prevent some common errors :

(i) All tables and figures should normally be mentioned explicitly by number and appear in correct numerical order in the body of the text. That is, Tables 1, 2, 3, and 4 must each be mentioned in the text at least once, and the first mention of Table 3 should not precede the first mention of Table 2.

(ii) The reference list and text citations should agree and be accurate. All references cited in the text must appear in the reference list, and all references listed in the reference list must be cited in the text.

(iii) Acronyms and abbreviations should be spelled out the first time they are used unless they are common throughout the discipline. Terms defined in the abstract should be defined independently in the main text.

(iv) Avoid beginning sentences with a symbol, number, or lowercase letter.

3. Manuscript Components
The manuscript should consist of the following elements :
• Title
• Author(s) name affiliation and e-mail address
• Abstract
• Keywords and phrases
• AMS (2000) Subject Classification
• Short title
• Text
• Acknowledgments
• Appendices (if any)
• References
• Figures with figure legends (if any)
• Tables (if any)
The reference section tables and figures should begin on a new page. In electronically submitted manuscripts, figures and figure legends may be placed together and figures and tables may be set in the body of the text, but separate .eps files should also be provided for each figure. In paper manuscripts, tables, figures, and figure legends should be placed at the end of the manuscript.

4. Abstract
The abstract should concisely summarize the content and conclusions of the paper. The abstract should be a single paragraph of not more than 250 words, and should not contain reference citations.

5. References
References should be given according to the following style
Billingsley, P. (1968). Convergence of Probability Measures. Wiley, New York.
Blackman, J. (1955). On the approximation of distribution function by an empirical distribution. Ann. Math. Statist. 27 642-669.
Abbreviation of names of Journals should be those accepted internation- ally (see Mathematics Subject Classification 2000 available at the Editorial Office of mathematical Reviews of at http://www.ams.org/msc).
Galley proofs of papers accepted for publication will be normally sent to authors electronically. Authors are expected return the galley proofs after correction within 48 hours.
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